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03/20/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/20/2024 01:12

We celebrate International Day of Happiness with joy of sports

Exercise isn't just about physical fitness-it's a powerful catalyst for happiness and wellbeing. Research consistently highlights the remarkable link between physical activity and happiness, showing that regular exercise not only boosts your mood, but it can also reduce depression and anxiety. Even small doses of exercise have been shown to have significant positive effects across all age groups.

At Amer Sports, we are committed to elevating the world through sport, inspiring people to explore and experience the joy of sports, and lead better, healthier lives. Today, on the International Day of Happiness, we celebrate the profound impact of physical activity on happiness and wellbeing by shining a spotlight on some of our amazing team members who find joy both in and out of office.

"Playing outside and in the mountains on my mountain bike, dirt bike, snowboard, or hiking are a core part of my identity, key to my mental and physical health and happiness. The Arc'teryx value of 'Live it' serves as a guiding principle for how I approach life so that I ensure I have the right gear, the right time, and opportunities to go play outside with my peers who share this passion."

- Claire Kendrick, Senior E-commerce Director, Arc'teryx, Canada

"It genuinely brings me joy to start my days by taking Lucy, our beautiful rottweiler, out for a 3-5-kilometer walk outdoor where we enjoy nature, sunlight, and fresh air to kick off the day with happy vibes. During the day my mind is excited and entertained enough with my job at Amer Sports-which I love-and again once the day is over, we go out again with our canine family member and walk several kilometers in the woods and fields around us."

- Marcio Grava, EMEA HR Shared Services Manager, Amer Sports, Spain

"Hiking is about sweat, sometime tears, pushing yourself to the limits and sometimes beyond to reach your destination. But it is also about concentrating to the essentials: eating, walking, sleeping. Being out there, in barren, rocky wilderness, with barely any or no people in sight, with pure air and water, makes you humble and makes you understand you are only a tiny part of the great outdoors. My picture was taken when I reached the highest point in Finland, Halti. The joy I felt that day still makes me happy. And that is why I will put on my hiking shoes time and again. Nothing beats that joy."

- Nina Lilja, Communications Manager, Amer Sports, Finland

"Peak Performance is not only a place of work but also an extension of many of our lifestyles. We work hard, play, and have fun together. Combining our passion for the outdoors, especially skiing, and an active, healthy lifestyle strengthens our culture and values, and brings us energy, happiness, and joy. One day this winter, after a massive snow dump in Stockholm, we took the opportunity to live our brand heritage and passion by ending the workweek having fun on the slopes together!"

- Hanna Lenz, Culture and Inclusion Manager, Peak Performance, Sweden

"I am very passionate about running and have been doing it for over 20 years. In April 2023, I completed my sixth major marathon in London and became a six-star runner of the World Marathon Majors. Running has helped me to become more confident, lively, and cheerful, and I can also get more happiness and rewards from it."

- Angela Meng, Senior PR Manager, Arc'teryx, Shanghai

"A superb activity combining effort, competition, mutual aid, and laughter. A real team-builder, playing padel together, enabled us to discover our colleagues in a different environment, and to even spend time with colleagues with whom we don't necessarily work on a daily basis. An activity that fits in perfectly with our wellness week."

- Solyane Boucher, Customer Services Representative, Amer Sports, France

Together, let's inspire and motivate each other to embrace a lifestyle filled with joy, health, and longevity.