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12/14/2022 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/14/2022 05:33

OKTA donated heating fuel for the needs of SOS Children...

OKTA donated heating fuel for the needs of SOS Children Village

Skopje, 14.12.2022 - OKTA AD - Skopje donated 6,000 liters of extra light heating oil for one of the houses of SOS Children's Village, where young people without parental care are fostered. The donated amount of fuel will be sufficient to fully cover the needs for the current heating season.

"In conditions of noticeable energy crisis, which started to affect everyone in the society, we have decided to give our support to the young people fostered in one of the SOS Children's Youth Houses. With this donation we believe we will help them to spend this winter carelessly, and thus fully focus on their school and youth activities. In this occasion, as a company, we would like to express appreciation to the mission and continuous work of SOS Children's Village team, dedicated to children and young people without parental care, providing them a warm home and proper development in healthy individuals" - said Marija Stavreva, CSR and Communication Manager of OKTA AD - Skopje.

In the youth houses of SOS Children Village, 24-hour care, help and support are provided for 28 children and youth over the age of 14, up to the age of adulthood, and at the latest until the completion of secondary education, with the aim of training them for an independent life and integration in society.

"The supply of heating oil for the entire heating season represents a valuable support in the actual functioning of the youth home in the upcoming winter, which is full of challenges, and allows us to dedicate ourselves to our main mission - support in their education and development into independent persons, fully prepared to take responsibility for the development their own life. OKTA's donation is an example for social responsibility of one company and confirms their commitment and strategy to help and support where it is really needed" said Juliana Nakova Gapo, National Director of SOS Children's Village.

As part of the corporate strategy for social responsibility, OKTA is always ready to give back and contribute in a meaningful way to the community in which it operates. The vulnerable categories of citizens are only one of the aspects in which the company continuously provides its support.