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Holiday Travel Tips 2020

December 4, 2020

  • TSA Precheck and Global Entry are great options to skip long lines during the Holidays especially but year-round as well. HSV now has a Global Entry office so check out our website to find out the details to sign up.
  • Make sure your bags fit the requirements for your airlines. If you mix and match flights for going and coming, check both guidelines. Each airline has its requirements on personal items, carry-on bags, and checked luggage. These are typically set to optimize all the space for those traveling.
  • If you are flying to visit family out of town, pack a bag within your bag. During this season of giving it is often common to be traveling home with additional items or gifts. Packing an extra bag ensures that you have plenty of options for getting those gifts home. For the latest rules and regulations visit here.
  • To ensure safety for all travelers, TSA has certain restrictions and guidelines regarding items that travel with you, make sure you read those before packing. When flying with gifts make sure they are not wrapped. TSA may have to search the item and that would result in unwrapping the gift.
  • Consider shipping your wrapped gift ahead of you.
  • Another alternative is purchasing gift cards to give instead of a wrapped gift.
  • If you tend to overpack and not maximize all the space that you have, invest in some packing cubes.
  • Try to avoid checking a bag. This allows you to get in and out of the airport quickly. Be sure to check in advance to see if the airline you are flying has restrictions on carry-on items and personal items.
  • Check what provisions your airline has in place due to COVID-19. Make sure the city and state you are flying into do not have any travel restrictions. Do your research so that you can avoid any unexpected delays.
  • Speaking of airlines, utilize touchless technology such as mobile boarding passes or check-in at the kiosks in front of the airline counters.
  • Check ahead of time for delays on our website before you leave home.
  • Check out HSV's protocol for the pandemic here: COVID 19.
  • Have phone numbers for everything: your hotel, your car rental agency, your airlines, your friends, or your families at your destination.
  • Give your cellphone a full charge and download your airline's app so you'll get direct alerts in the event of a flight delay or a gate change.
  • For the latest CDC recommendations regarding travel visit here.
  • FAA- Federal Guidance to Fly Healthy this Holiday Season