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Unicaja Banco supports business owners in Jaen and analyses the current economic and social situation

Unicaja Banco supports business owners in Jaen and analyses the current economic and social situation

The bank sponsors, together with Caser 'Diálogos para el Desarrollo', an event organized by Management Activo

25 MAY 2022

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As part of its support for the business world, Unicaja Banco, together with Caser, sponsored a forum in Jaen, organized by Management Activo, in which, under the title 'Towards a new growth model' ('Hacia un nuevo modelo de crecimient'), the economic and social challenges that must be faced today were analyzed.

The event, called 'Dialogues for Development' ('Diálogos para el Desarrollo'), took place last Tuesday, 24 May, at the Hotel HO Ciudad de Jaén, with the participation of the economist and university professor José Carlos Díez and the president of Freemarket Corporative Intelligence, Lorenzo Bernaldo de Quirós, as speakers.

This business lunch brought together representatives of the economic and social life of Jaen and during its development, the economic and social situation in Spain, Europe and the world was analyzed, covering issues such as the great challenges ahead.


In his speech, the economist José Carlos Díez analyzed the economic scenario faced by the world's economies, including Spain, after the invasion of Ukraine. Other topics covered were inflation, monetary policy and interest rates.

The speaker also emphasized the keys to emerging from the crisis, starting with the necessary importance to be given to renewable energies and the implementation of structural reforms.

The president of Freemarket Corporative Inteligence also highlighted the radical change that the war in Ukraine represents on the world political and economic scenario. In this regard, Bernaldo de Quirós made a detailed analysis of how the economic crisis caused by this war will leave more of an impact than that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the concluding remarks, both speakers discussed other current issues, such as the three major challenges faced by Spain and the European Union: geopolitics, energy and economics. The Next Generation European funds were also discussed at the meeting. Finally, the two speakers focused on the challenges and opportunities for the business fabric of Jaén.

'Dialogues for Development' is a discussion forum that aims to promote debate through two renowned personalities, who, from different points of view, address current issues, thus encouraging the exchange of opinions. To this end, speakers from the political, economic, social and business world will be invited.

Support to Jaen business fabric

The sponsorship of this event is part of Unicaja Banco's general interest in contributing to the development of actions aimed at facilitating the economic boost in Andalusia and favoring the activity of the business fabric, especially in the province of Jaen, one of its main areas of activity.

Companies in general, and SMEs in particular, continue to be one of the key groups in Unicaja Banco's financing policy, especially in Andalusia. Thus, one of Unicaja Banco's business priorities is providing funding to companies, which is a determining factor for the revitalization of the economy and employment.

For this reason, it offers a complete range of products and services. As part of this commitment, the bank launched a web simulator through which business owners and the self-employed can obtain all the information they need for their businesses about the Next Generation European funds, as well as being accompanied during the search process and the processing of these subsidies.