Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

03/29/2021 | News release | Distributed by Public on 03/29/2021 04:10

The aviation of the Southern Military District was relocated to the Azov coast for the competition of air aces Aviadarts-2021

29.03.2021 (07:40)

All participants of the district selection stage of the Aviadarts competition of the Games-2021 have arrived on the territory of the aviation regiment of the assault aviation of the Southern Military District (SMD), based in the Krasnodar territory.

2 crews from aviation formations and military units of the Southern Military District, who showed the best results during the previous stage of the competition, held in the places of deployment, were allowed to participate in the competition.

During the competition, military pilots should complete a given route with a total length of about 150 km, reach 3 turning points at the specified time, and overcome the air defence system on one of the sections of the route.

Also, when performing flight tasks at a certain turn, the crews will have to hit various targets, drop bombs, launch unguided missiles and fire from an aircraft gun.

To date, the military personnel have already passed the theoretical exam on the operation and combat use of aviation equipment, and fulfilled the standards for physical training.

The district stage of the competition is attended by the crews of Su-25SM attack aircraft, Su-27 and Su-30SM fighters, Su-34 fighter-bombers, Ka-52 Alligator multi-purpose all-weather combat helicopters, Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopters, Mi-35M and Mi-8AMTSh Terminator transport and assault helicopters.