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Jul 22 2021 Courageous Voices Speak Up About Disability Pride Month Read More

Grubba is an award-winning actor, writer and producer whose credits include Watchmen and Criminal Minds. Woodburn has appeared in more than 150 TV episodes, most notably as Mickey on Seinfeld.

While both Grubba and Woodburn have had successful careers, they have also faced great hardships and challenges. The two talk candidly about the biases people with disabilities face in the industry and the world as well as the gains they have made.

'My mother told me when I was a young girl coming home from school, dealing with the bullying and the abuse and the cruelty: 'They are not showing you what's wrong with you. They are showing you what's wrong with them.'' - Eileen Grubba

'This is the time when the community is taking pride in its identity. To say, 'I have a disability' isn't to stigmatize me for saying it. The stigma comes from what society puts on us. The way you erase those stigmas is to have a presence.' - Danny Woodburn

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