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06/01/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/31/2023 20:11

European Film Festival Launched

The European Film Festival is an annual global flagship event for European Union public diplomacy that runs in countries on all continents around the world each year. After the success of the first ever European Film Festival in Fiji in 2022, the European Union is pleased to be back in 2023 with the 2nd European Film Festival, part of EuroFest Pacific!

EuroFest Pacific is an exciting celebration of diversity - both in Europe and in the Pacific - and an exchange of the best that our living traditions have to offer. Through EuroFest Pacific, the European Union brings a number of unique events to the cultural calendar in the Pacific, adding another dimension to the strong relationship between the European Union and the Pacific as we celebrate the uniqueness and creativity that we all share in common.

While launching the festival in Suva, the European Union Ambassador to Fiji and for the Pacific, His Excellency Sujiro Seam said: "Once again, this international celebration of European art, film and culture showcases the diversity and talent of the best of European cinema to Fijian audiences in Suva and, for the first time this year, Lautoka, before expanding across the Pacific in the years to come.''

"The European Film Festival this year includes a film from Ukraine, in solidarity with the Ukrainians who are fighting for the ideals of Europe. The European Film Festival is an excellent opportunity to exchange between the rich and diverse cultures of Europe and the Pacific'', added Ambassador Seam.

The European Union is made of 27 Member States, each with their own languages, cultrues and identities. This year the European Film Festival in Suva and Lautoka will showcase eight films with productions from eleven different European countries with a variety of styles, genres and stories. They provide a window to the vibrant world in Europe - from Sweden to Spain, Lithuania to Luxembourg, and also a film from a non-EU Member Ukraine. They give an insight into the lives of Europeans from all backgrounds and show that we all have our own unique stories to tell, but that our humanity is what unites us all.

The festival's screening schedule is available on the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific websiteand social media pages.

The European films will be screened in Damodar City Cinema, Suva and Village 4 Cinema in Lautoka.

Seats are available on a first come first served basis on the screening date. Reservations are not required.

The European Film Festival is a public event open to everyone free of charge. Ratings apply.

The official hashtag of the European Film Festival is #EuroFestFJ. Information and updates on the film festival will be shared on the Delegation of the European Union for the Pacific Facebook, Twitterand Instagram page (eupasifika).