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07/08/2024 | News release | Distributed by Public on 07/08/2024 09:06

Pride by The Wom

The Wom, Mondadori Media's all-digital brand that has always supported the LGBTQIA+ community, told the story of Milano Pride this year through numerous editorial initiatives.

Speaking for diversity and inclusion since its inception in 2022, the innovative social media and web magazine - with a total fanbase of more than 9 million followers - is dedicated to Gen Z and young millennials, generations for whom uniqueness is a strength and value that enriches themselves and others, going beyond labels. Through its editorial products, The Wom promotes a culture that affirms the free expression of personality through inclusive content and language, addressing key issues for younger generations, such as gender equality, self-acceptance and sustainability.

The Wom Loves Pride, the brand's values in the squares of Milan

On Saturday 29 June, The Wom and its community celebrated Milano Pride, an annual event and benchmark for anyone wishing to promote the values of inclusion, acceptance, personal well-being and respect for others.

The Wom team - equipped with the environmentally friendly 'The Wom Loves Pride'cargo bike - engaged numerous participants from the very beginning of the parade in Via Vittor Pisani for an Ask&Tell session to raise awareness, support and spread Pride values.
A large number of people stopped by to answer questions posed by Noemi David, trend editor of The Wom, and share their experiences and support for those who advocate for social issues in the city and beyond. Many topics were covered, from the values celebrated by Pride events around the world to historical milestones that have marked the evolution of civil rights in recent years.

Interaction with participants also occurred through challenging quizzes on the world ofLGBTQIA+, which led to IG stories in the style of a 'challenge', a real video reportage in the field.

Web and social media coverage for rainbow-themed storytelling

In addition to the favourable reception and 'live' participation, the success of the initiatives by The Wom was also reflected in the numbers. The numerous content items produced in recent months to inform and build anticipation for Pride, together with live coverage on the ground in June and subsidies from artists and public figures that support the values espoused by the brand - the social media interview given by Ariete, a singer and activist, is just one example - allowed the brand to achieve remarkable results in terms of traffic and engagement.

Through these initiatives, the content created and published in the last few days on Instagram and TikTok brought the brand a total of 3 million video views.

'We are proud to contribute to a more colourful world. Together, with everyone's work every day, we can make a difference in making our communities open and truly inclusive,' says Daniela Cerrato, Digital Marketing Director at Mondadori Media. 'This year, for the first time, we decided to continue to interact with our large fanbase and make the awareness-raising journey we have undertaken even richer, going far beyond the confines of Pride and social media.

Pride in EveryBody: The Wom for Virgin Active

To celebrate Pride month, The Wom also contributed as media partner to the Virgin ActivePride in Every Body event last Tuesday, 25 June. A talk led and moderated by Valentina Lonati, culture editor of The Wom, celebrated uniqueness in all its forms. The talk was attended by personalities from the LBGTQIA+ world such as Muriel de Gennaro, Giada Buldrini and Serena Galassi from the 2 mamme e 3 figli account, and the YouTuber and presenter Guglielmo Scilla. They talked about caring for one's body and the way in which this can become a means of loving and accepting oneself, a philosophy that is at the heart of the values promoted by Virgin Active and The Wom. The message was also amplified through a video interview on Instagram with the three participants.

The project was realised in full synergy with Mediamond and its Brand On Solutions structure.

The Womis an all-digital, social-first media brand dedicated to Millennials and Gen Z, a generation that views uniqueness as a strength and a value that enriches themselves and others. The Wom is a benchmark for younger generations on TikTok and Instagram, with a total fanbase of 9 million followers (source: Comscore Shareablee and Social Insights February 2024) and 10 million unique users on the Internet (Audiweb Total Digital Audience February 2024). The Wom Beauty: the first vertical channel dedicated to cosmetics for the young generation, under 35, Instagram and TikTok first with 1.2 million followers.