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11/24/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 11/24/2023 01:23

Danelec Acquires Nautilus Labs AI Technology Platform to Gain Deeper Insights Within Sustainability and Safety

Combining Danelec's onboard data capturing ship performance capabilities with the strong AI-based analytics platform of New York-based maritime technology company Nautilus Labs, Danelec will be able to offer a comprehensive turn-key solution to accelerate the maritime industry's transition to high-quality, high-frequency data both supporting and accelerating the green agenda.

Copenhagen-based Danelec, the technology provider specializing in maritime safety and sustainability, and a global leader in ship data management solutions that drive efficiency and safety at sea, acquires the Nautilus Labs technology platform to carve a niche in the market, leveraging equipment expertise and robust analytics capabilities.

This transaction will allow Danelec to expand into vessel optimization, allowing customers to gain access to high-quality, high-frequency data. The combination of Danelec and Nautilus Labs will help to increase sustainability and safety within the shipping industry.

Since it was founded in 1995, Danelec is a pioneer in the use of maritime data, using technology to optimize the safety, cost, and performance of operations on diverse vessels from commercial ships including tankers, container ships and bulk carriers through to offshore support vessels, jack-up rigs and cruise ships.

"With the acquisition of Nautilus Labs' AI-based technology platform, we are looking to broaden our scope of impact. Not only do we get to build on the market-leading maritime analytics platform that Nautilus Labs has spent the last seven years building, we are also onboarding a team of industry top talent,"says Casper Jensen, CEO at Danelec.

Nautilus Labs was founded in 2016 and helps to deliver emissions reductions in the maritime industry through its digital twin vessel models.

The Nautilus Labs platform will continue in its current form and support its customers on existing terms. However, leveraging the synergies of Danelec's extensive onboard capabilities within quality data capturing and Nautilus Lab's capabilities within analytics and machine learning, entirely new and more impactful solutions are at the center of the joint value proposition guiding this strategic acquisition.

With the acquisition, Danelec is expanding its capabilities into the realm of vessel optimization. The combined suite aims to provide a comprehensive solution for fleet efficiency, incorporating shaft power meters, digital data capturing, and Nautilus Labs' fleet performance platform, providing customers with valuable insight to optimize operations, realize savings, and ensure compliance.