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05/31/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 05/31/2023 12:25

Chilton Middle School takes action

Chilton Middle School students, from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, shone brightly as they wrapped up their respective pilot programs under the innovative "Take Action" initiative, hosted by the Utility Exploration Center (UEC). After the program's end, awards ceremony was held, celebrating the conclusion of these projects, and showcasing the students' exceptional creativity and commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. Over 371 students in total participated in the programs, with 118 from the 6th grade, 104 from the 7th grade, and 149 from the 8th grade, each focusing on different environmental issues.

The 6th-grade students showcased their artistic talent and ecological awareness through posters, emphasizing water conservation. Meanwhile, 7th-grade students used their digital skills, creating engaging social media campaigns to highlight food waste reduction strategies. The oldest group, the 8th graders, produced videos that critically examined various energy sources and evaluated the potential of solar power for our energy future.

Recognition for environmental activism

The "Take Action" initiative encouraged students to work in teams on their projects. The awards ceremony recognized the exceptional work of these young activists, with ten finalists from each grade level selected. These finalists were submitted to local utilities for voting, where they decided on the top three winners for each grade. Over 190 people, including students, their families, utility representatives, and school faculty, attended the event, exceeding initial RSVP counts.

The ceremony began with a warm welcome and introduction to the "Take Action" pilot program, followed by an interactive exploration of the UEC (Utilities Efficiency Center) and the student projects on display. Attendees were taken aback by the depth of knowledge, creativity, and commitment to sustainability demonstrated by these young environmentalists.

All finalists received a certificate in recognition of their efforts, while the top three teams from each grade level were awarded medals. The atmosphere was electric as the students' names were announced, the cheering crowd echoing the importance of their work. As the night concluded, the spirit of innovation and sustainability was apparent, marking the success of Chilton Middle School's "Take Action" initiative and a promising future for environmental activism.