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ADL 234193, Aquatic Farm Lease, Hump Island Oyster Company LLC, Clover Passage, Southeast Alaska


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ADL 234193, Aquatic Farm Lease, Hump Island Oyster Company LLC, Clover Passage, Southeast Alaska

State of Alaska
Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mining, Land & Water
Southcentral Regional Land Office
550 W. 7thAve., Suite 900C
Anchorage, AK 99501-3577

ADL 234193
Aquatic Farmsite Lease
Hump Island Oyster Company LLC
Clover Passage, Southeast Alaska (USGS Quad Map Ketchikan C-6)

Public and Agency Notice
Pursuant to AS 38.05.945

Subject to AS 38.05.083, the Southcentral Regional Land Office (SCRO) has made a Preliminary Decision to offer a 10-year lease to Hump Island Oyster Company LLC for 51.8 acres, more or less, of state-owned tide and submerged lands for the operation of an aquatic farmsite for the purpose of cultivating Pacific oyster. The location of the proposed project area is further described as being within the E1/2 of Section 20, Township 73 South, Range 90 East, Copper River Meridian, Alaska in Clover Passage, within a narrow channel between Betton Island and Hump Island, approximately 17 nautical miles northwest of Ketchikan, Alaska.

The public and agencies are invited to review and comment on this proposed project. A copy of the decision can be found at is available in hardcopy upon request. Questions concerning how to comment should be directed to Karen Cougan at (907) 269-8543 or by e-mail at [email protected]or by fax to (907) 269-8913. All comments must be received in writing at the above listed mailing address or e-mail on or before May 15, 2024. To be eligible to appeal DNR's Final Decision, under AS 38.05.035(i)-(m), a person must have submitted written comments during this comment period.

The State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, complies with Title II of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990. Individuals with audio impairments that have questions concerning this PD may call Relay Alaska at 711 or 1-800-770-8973 for assistance at no cost.

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