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Allington Energy from Waste plant encouraging new talent into the environmental sector

FCC Environment » Allington Energy from Waste plant encouraging new talent into the environmental sector

Allington Energy from Waste plant encouraging new talent into the environmental sector

15th November 2022

Members of staff from FCC Environment, which owns and operates the Allington Energy from Waste plant in Kent, took time out from their day jobs on 4th November to join pupils at Maidstone Grammar School for Girls as part of their Careers Event.

"We had the opportunity to discuss and showcase FCC Environment as a company and the benefits of our EFW division to approx. 1050 pupils ranging from year 7 to Year 13" said Tony Stanbridge, General Manager of the plant said. "The pupils posed some excellent questions and really engaged whilst using the thermal imaging camera and the borescope and we really hope that as a result some of them will pursue engineering careers, perhaps in the environmental sector."

Natalie Coleman from Education Business Partnership Kent said; "I would like to thank FCC for their attendance at the recent Maidstone Grammar School for Girls' Exhibition Fair, on the 4th November 2022. The last time we were able to put on the event was a few months before the first lockdown, so it has been a long wait, but one that the students and school got a huge amount from, due to the information and guidance that you all provided. Accessing this kind of careers information has never been more critical and we hope this email shows our gratitude for the time and effort you all put in. Thank you."

The students commented:

'It's been so useful speaking with lots of different sectors. I have a few options now' Student Comment

'There was a lot of opportunity available and I have an idea on the kind of pathways I can take towards training' Student Comment

'Really good experience and really nice exhibitors. I really enjoyed it!' Student Comment

'Everyone was really approachable and I didn't find it hard asking the questions I'd prepared' Student Comment

The Energy from Waste plant itself is open to the public for tours which are designed to promote and inform visitors about benefits of using waste to produce renewable energy as well as educating about waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

To find out how you and your group can arrange a visit, please visit kentenviropower.fccenvironment.co.uk

The Allington Integrated Waste Management Facility recovers energy from non-recyclable, non-hazardous waste streams and the plant began operating in late December 2008. The facility sorts separated materials for recycling and recovers energy from non-hazardous waste. The facility is able to process up to 550,000 tonnes a year of mixed waste for energy recovery and a further 65,000 tonnes of separated materials suitable for recycling.

£150 million has been invested in the facility and the facility generates up to 43MW of power, 34MW of which goes into the local electricity supply network to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Any surplus power generated goes back into the system to assist in powering the facility.

The Energy from Waste plant uses circulating fluidised bed technology to burn the waste, which then generates usable energy. The facility is designed and operated to ensure that all emissions are in line with requirements set by the Environmental Permit (BR4551).

Key Facts

  • The Energy from Waste section of the facility can process up to 550,000 tonnes of suitable waste per year.
  • Up to 65,000 tonnes of separated recyclables (paper, card, metals and plastic) may be processed every year.
  • Over 325,000 tonnes of household waste is managed by the facility every year.
  • Kent Enviropower is under a 25 year contract with Kent County Council and will process waste from all council areas.
  • Up to 263 million kilowatts of electricity can be generated every year.
  • The equivalent fuel that would be required to generate this power (263 million kilowatts) is 200,000 tonnes of coal or a super tanker of oil.
  • Over one hundred and fifty million pounds has been invested in the facility to date.
  • Approximately 100 permanent jobs have been created.
  • The site covers 84 acres.
  • Up to 291 lorries visit the site every day in the process of bringing deliveries.
  • Bottom ash, which is recycled, and flue gas treatment residues are both generated, while up to 25% of waste weight is generated in ash.