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10/27/2020 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/27/2020 10:13

DSCC Releases New TV Ad in Iowa: “Earned”

October 27, 2020 Press Releases

The DSCC released a new TV ad in Iowa's Senate race, 'Earned,' spotlighting Senator Joni Ernst's toxic record of jeopardizing Social Security.

Senator Ernst has supported plans that would privatize Social Security, letting her special interest donors 'reap billions of dollars ' while hardworking Iowans lost out. She's admitted that she supports these harmful plans and was even caught saying that lawmakers should 'gut Social Security 'behind closed doors'' to avoid being 'scrutinized.' Time and time again, Ernst has made it clear that she'll always prioritize her corporate special interest donors over Iowa seniors.

The ad is the tenth to run in Iowa from the DSCC IE and is part of the committee's previously announced offensive investments in key battleground states.



'We've paid into Social Security our entire lives. Earned it with every paycheck. But Joni Ernst would take it all away. She'd let the same Wall Street banks funding her campaign gamble it on the stock markets, so they can make billions. Ernst admitted she's talked about privatizing Social Security and then was caught saying the deal should be done, quote, behind closed doors. 'We do need to sit down behind closed doors.' We can't afford to lose our Social Security, and we can't afford to vote for Joni Ernst.'