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Secretary of State Paulo Cafôfo in Australia and East-Timor

Secretary of State Paulo Cafôfo in Australia and East-Timor

16 March 2023

The Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities, Paulo Cafôfo, visits the Portuguese and Portuguese descendent communities in Australia and East-Timor for the first time.

The visit, which runs from March 17th to the 28th, includes contacts with local authorities as well as meetings with associations and members of the Portuguese diaspora, paying tribute to some representatives of the community and distinguishing several institutions whose work has been prominent.

The program in Australia includes meetings with representatives of the communities and the diaspora, Portuguese language teachers, Portuguese diplomatic officials and honorary consuls. The Secretary of State will also participate in the Petersham Festival, in Inner West Sydney, in the "Portuguese Quarter".

The agenda in East-Timor includes, besides the visit to the Portuguese Embassy in Dili, a visit to the Centre for Learning and School Training, in Gleno, and to the Archive and Museum of Resistance.

The visit is part of the set of initiatives for the Diaspora for this mandate called "Portugal in the World: Ways to Enhance the Portuguese Communities", with the purpose of strengthening ties, bringing the Portuguese living abroad closer to their country and, simultaneously, contributing to a present-day vision of the Portuguese Diaspora.