Presidency of the Republic of Turkey

12/24/2022 | News release | Distributed by Public on 12/24/2022 06:12

President Erdoğan attends opening ceremony of multiple services and facilities in Erzurum

Addressing the opening ceremony of multiple projects and services in Erzurum, President Erdoğan said: "With the Century of Türkiye vision in our Republic's new century, we are preparing to launch the most important initiative of our millennium-long history in our geography."

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attended the Opening Ceremony of Gürcükapı Urban Transformation Project, İspir-Rize Provincial Border Road, Çat Disaster Houses, and Other Newly-Completed Projects in Erzurum.

In a speech at the ceremony, President Erdoğan stated that they want to make Erzurum, which served as the engine of the Republic's first century in the Eastern Anatolia, a shining star of the whole region from north to south, east to west and from the Black Sea to the Caucasus in the Century of Türkiye.

Stressing that they don't content themselves with only wishing but also do whatever is necessary and that they have honored all of their promises and realized all of their commitments in the past two decades, President Erdoğan said: "We have implemented a century's worth of democracy and development initiatives in the past two decades. We have redressed the infrastructure shortcomings of Erzurum along with all the cities of our country and realized their dreams of rights and freedoms through our politics of services and projects."


"With the Century of Türkiye vision in our Republic's new century, we are preparing to launch the most important initiative of our millennium-long history in our geography," President Erdoğan said.

Drawing attention to Türkiye's strengthening bonds with the Islamic world, Turkic world, Africa, the Balkans and the South Asia, President Erdoğan added that the relations with Europe, the U.S., Russia and China are not neglected, either. "The Silk Railroad, which extends from London to Beijing and where Erzurum is one of the main stations, is a product of this broad vision of ours. Erzurum is one of the most important stations in our efforts to make our country a trade and distribution hub for oil and natural gas networks extending from Asia to Europe."

Noting that they have been solving one by one the conflicts and hostilities in the Caucasus which are the biggest obstacles preventing the region from fully unleashing its potential, President Erdoğan said: "We are laying the foundation for a new era in this region with our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters who liberated Karabakh from occupation with our country's support. The process will further accelerate when Armenia acts sensibly and makes progress towards peace, serenity and security. Tunnels and roads connecting the Black Sea to Erzurum and our infrastructure investments integrating the Mediterranean ports with the Caucasus are all aimed at seizing this great opportunity. Some of our cities benefitted from their shining stars in industry, trade and tourism with their added value in the first century of our Republic. We will inshallah make Erzurum rank among the cities with the highest added value in the Century of Türkiye."