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Magnachip Unveils Third-Generation 200V MV MOSFETs

- 3 new 200V MV MOSFETs will help the company grow its global market share in the LEV motor controller and industrial power supply sectors

SEOUL, South Korea, September 6, 2022 - Magnachip Semiconductor Corporation ("Magnachip") (NYSE: MX) announced today that the company has introduced its third- generation 200V Medium Voltage (MV) Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) for Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) motor controllers and industrial power supplies.

To maximize energy efficiency in power devices, Magnachip's new 200V MOSFETs incorporate third-generation trench MOSFET technology. The capacitance was reduced by 50% compared to the previous generation 100V MV MOSFET and the enhanced design of the core cell and termination helps lower RDS(on)* and total gate charge** to achieve a high figure of merit.

In addition, these third-generation MOSFETs are available in surface mount device TO-Leadless Package (TOLL), M2PAK and TO-220 of a through-hole type respectively to reduce product size and enhance heat dissipation. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of these MOSFETs is greatly increased by fast switching and high power density. Coupled with a guaranteed operating junction temperature from -55°C up to 175°C and a high level of avalanche ruggedness, these MOSFETs are well-suited for LEV motor controllers and industrial power supplies requiring high efficiency and stable power supply.

Omdia, a global market research firm, estimates that the annual growth rates of the automotive and industrial sectors of the global silicon power MOSFET market will be 11.5% and 9.6% respectively from 2020 to 2025. In particular, LEV markets are expanding quickly alongside efforts to accelerate decarbonisation and demand for efficient and affordable vehicles.

"The development of advanced applications in the automotive and industrial sectors is driving the need for high-performance MV MOSFETs," said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. "Magnachip will continue to upgrade its MV MOSFET product line, ranging from 40V to 200V, which will enable our customers to strengthen their product competitiveness."

*RDS(on): On resistance, the resistance value between the drain and the source of MOSFETs during on-state operation

**Total gate charge (Qg): the amount of charge required to be injected into the gate electrode to turn ON (drive) the MOSFET

Three new 200V MV MOSFETs

Model VDS [V] RDS(on),max [mOhm] at VGS=10V Package
MDT20N109PTRH 200V 10.9mΩ TOLL
MDY20N113PTRH 200V 11.3mΩ M2PAK
MDP20N116PTTH 200V 11.6mΩ TO-220

Product features

  • low RDS(on) and switching loss
  • great heat dissipation performance
  • guaranteed operating junction temperature from -55°C up to 175°C
  • a wide range of application, such as LEVs, battery management systems and switch mode power supplies

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Magnachip Unveils Third-Generation 200V MV MOSFETs

Magnachip Unveils Third-Generation 200V MV MOSFETs