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12/21/2023 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 12/21/2023 00:50

1Yutaro Maruyama, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Tourism, and Labor of the Miyazaki Prefecture Government of Japan, and his delegation paid a visit and hoped to establish[...]

[Link] Yutaro Maruyama, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Tourism, and Labor of Miyazaki Prefecture Government, Japan, led the Speaker and Members of the Prefectural Assembly to visit Taichung City Government. A delegation of 32 people, including Yutaro Maruyama, Minister of Industry, Commerce, Tourism, and Labor of the Miyazaki Prefecture Government, Mamoru Hamasa, Speaker of the Prefectural Assembly, and Yujiro Maruyama, Chairman of the Japan-Taiwan Friendship Parliamentarians Alliance, visited Taichung City today (19th). Deputy Mayor Guo-Rong Huang represented Mayor Shiow-Yen Lu at the reception. The two sides exchanged views on culture, tourism, education, and other issues, and the Miyazaki Prefecture Government also expressed its expectation to establish a sister city with Taichung City. "I am pleased to promote it!" Deputy Mayor Huang said that the city government is willing to deepen exchanges with Miyazaki Prefecture and will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist in handling the alliance process following relevant administrative regulations and procedures. Deputy Mayor Huang looks forward to expanding exchanges between the two parties in tourism, education, culture, and other aspects in the future.

According to Deputy Mayor Huang, today's visit marks the highest number of visitors since Mayor Lu took office, underscoring Miyazaki Prefecture's significant regard for Taichung City and the depth of bilateral friendship. Miyazaki Prefecture has often communicated with the city government, and he is glad that Speaker Mamoru Hamasa visited again with many members soon after taking office. Based on the excellent foundation established by the previous Speaker and Members of the Prefectural Assembly, bilateral relations will become closer and friendlier.

Speaker Mamoru Hamasa said that since the bilateral epidemic was lifted in October last year, he believed that exchanges between Miyazaki Prefecture and Taichung City would become more frequent and their friendship more profound. He expressed his wish for the enduring nature of the friendship between Miyazaki Prefecture and Taichung City.

Minister Yutaro Maruyama emphasized that Taiwan has been a cherished partner of Miyazaki Prefecture, contributing significantly to its economy, culture, and various other aspects. This year, the bilateral Rinan Station (Taichung)/ Nichinan Station (Miyazaki) successfully concluded a sister railway station, thanks to the city government for its facilitation. Miyazaki hopes to take the sisters' station as an opportunity to promote the bilateral friendship between sister cities.

Chairman Yujiro Maruyama stated that the purpose of this visit is to convey Miyazaki Prefecture's sincere commitment to the founding of the alliance and to promote direct charter flights between the two locations. Miyazaki Prefecture has stunning tourist attractions, Japan's most famous Wagyu, and various delicacies. Welcome everyone to come and taste.

Deputy Mayor Huang also highlighted that Taiwanese like to travel to Japan. According to statistics from the Tourism Administration, more than 10 million Taiwanese go abroad every year, and 4 million of them go to Japan. Besides, the two places also have great potential for cooperation in areas such as baseball and international educational exchanges, so it is very worthwhile to promote direct charter flights.

The secretariat remarked that the "Rinan / Nichinan Station" with the same name (in Chinese Character) in Miyazaki Prefecture and Taichung City held a sister station alliance ceremony on November 1 this year by the Taiwan Railways Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and JR Kyushu Railway Company, making it the first Japanese sister station in Taichung.

Today, Deputy Mayor Huang, Director of the Secretariat Chia-Chen Hsieh, Director of Cultural Affairs Chia-Jun Chen, Deputy Director of Tourism and Travel Bureau Yu-Zheng Chen, Deputy Director of the Education Bureau Chun-Chieh Yeh, Senior Executive Officer of the Transportation Bureau Zhao-Cong Xu, and Dajia District Chief Jin-Yuan Yan attended the exchange activity. Deputy Mayor Huang presented the lacquer plate of Mid-Lake Pavilion and Lishan Oolong tea to the visitors. The guests also returned glazed crafts, Japanese shochu, and artworks. The two sides interacted warmly.