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06/17/2024 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 06/17/2024 07:29

[News] Elevate Your App Store Optimization with AI Keyword Inspector ASO

Are you looking to optimize your app's visibility and skyrocket its ranking in app stores?
Semrush is thrilled to announce the launch of AI Keyword Inspector for ASO. Developed by Mobile Action, this app is designed to revolutionize how developers and marketers select keywords for their app store listings.
Since optimizing your app's title and description in app marketplaces can help it get more downloads, choosing the right keywords can make a major difference in the visibility of your app.
With the AI Keyword Inspector for ASO, you can quickly generate a tailored list of high-traffic, relevant keywords for your app's title and description. Thanks to our advanced AI technology, what used to take hours of research and analysis can now be accomplished in minutes.

Get AI-Powered, High-Potential Keywords

Discover a range of high-potential keywords tailored to enhance your app's visibility:
  • Access a vast database covering various app categories and user intents, ensuring comprehensive keyword selection.
  • Automatically generate ten relevant and impactful keywords from just your app's name.

Run a Comprehensive Keyword Analysis

Dive into detailed keyword metrics and comparisons to optimize your ASO strategy:
  • Obtain detailed insights for each keyword, including search score, rank, difficulty, and the number of apps listed below.
  • View live rankings of organically listed apps and compare metadata, organic and paid downloads, and ASA impression share metrics.

Discover Related High-Potential Keywords for ASA

Leverage AI to find and utilize the best keywords for your App Store Ads (ASA):
  • Enhance your App Store Ads (ASA) with AI-generated keywords optimized for search score, organic difficulty, and average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).

Benefits of Using AI Keyword Inspector

This app automates the time-consuming keyword discovery and analysis task, saving time and providing accurate, actionable insights. With this tool, you can easily:
  • Identify and implement the most effective keywords to improve your app's visibility and ranking.
  • Compare your app's keyword performance against competitors to refine your ASO strategy.
Whether a new developer or a seasoned marketer, AI Keyword Inspector for ASO provides the tools you need to succeed in the competitive app marketplace.
Ready to transform your app store visibility? Try AI Keyword Inspector for ASO in the Semrush App Center and start your journey to the top of the app store charts.

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