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03/31/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 03/31/2021 02:12

Coupon Payment (0Z4A)

Company: Zenith Investment Holding AD-Sofia (0Z4A)
In view of a forthcoming interest payment on an issue of bonds, please, be informed of the following:
- Issuer: Zenith Investment Holding AD-Sofia
- BSE code: 0Z4A
- ISIN: BG2100018170
- Date of interest payment: 06.04.2021
- Coupon rate: 6 %
- All bondholders registered with the Central Depository as of 05.04.2021 (Record Date) will be entitled to receive the payment.
- The final date for transacting in bonds of this issue on BSE-Sofia, as a result of which the buyer will have the right to the interest payment, will be 01.04.2021 (Ex Date: 06.04.2021).