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EDP Renewables inaugurates its second renewable project in Greece

EDP Renewables inaugurates its second renewable project in Greece

Wednesday 12, June 2024
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"Erimia" Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 35MW and is expected to generate around 71 GWh per year and reduce 50 thousand tonnes of CO2 emissions annually;

With this project EDP duplicates its installed renewable energy capacity in Greece

EDP Renewables (EDPR), a global leader in the development of renewable energy worldwide, is expanding its presence in Greece and today inaugurated its second renewable project, the "Erimia" wind farm, located in the region of Malesina. This new project marks another step in EDPR's mission to reduce thousands of tons of CO2 emissions annually while providing clean energy to thousands of households and contributing to the country's clean energy transition efforts.

The investment in the "Erimia" wind farm underscores EDPR's commitment to strengthening local communities, improving quality of life, and driving economic growth. "Erimia" Wind Farm has an installed capacity of 35MW through six wind turbines. The project is expected to generate approximately 71 GWh annually, reduce CO2 emissions by about 50,000 tonnes per year and supply clean energy to over 18,000 households in the region annually.

Since its entrance in Greece in 2018, EDPR has been developing its pipeline to boost the production of clean energy. With the inauguration of Erimia, EDPR is almost duplicating its footprint in Greece, achieving 80 MW and a pipeline of more than 100 MW of projects under construction, that include wind but also solar parks and standalone storage systems.

EDP, the inauguration of its second renewable project in Greece not only signifies a firm commitment to the country's decarbonization goals but also a valuable contribution to the well-being of local communities. Greece is a country where we invest sustainably and securely, supported by its remarkable progress in energy policies. This project reflects our dedication to creating a cleaner future", stated the General Manager of EDPR in Greece, Dionysios Andronas

The inauguration event was also attended by Alexandra Sdoukou, Greece Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Adonis Georgiadis, Vice President of New Democracy and Greece Minister of Health, Carles Casajuana, the Ambassador of Spain in Greece, and Athanasios Zekentes, Mayor of Lokrom.

EDP Renewables has an installed capacity of more than 5.5 GW in Europe between wind onshore and solar utility-scale projects and more than 1 GW of projects under construction to enter operation in the short-term. This robust portfolio underscores EDP's commitment to decarbonization of the countries in which the company is present and its strategic vision for a sustainable future based on a €12 billion investment plan up to 2026 globally. By continuously expanding our capabilities, EDP aims to drive the energy transition forward, contributing to a cleaner energy landscape across Europe.