Separate Account A of Pacific Life Insurance Co

10/25/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 10/25/2021 08:18

Prospectus by Investment Company (Form 497)

Supplement dated October 20, 2021 to your variable annuity Prospectus dated May 1, 2021

for the variable annuity contracts issued by Pacific Life Insurance Company

The purpose of this supplement is to add additional Investment Options. This supplement must be preceded or accompanied by the Prospectus, as supplemented (the "Prospectus"). All information in the Prospectus dated May 1, 2021, remains in effect unless otherwise supplemented. Capitalized terms used in this supplement are defined in the Prospectus unless otherwise defined herein. ''We,'' ''us,'' or ''our'' refer to Pacific Life Insurance Company; ''you'' or ''your'' refer to the Contract Owner. You can obtain a copy of the current Prospectus by contacting us at (800) 722-4448, or online at Please retain it for future reference.

Effective on or about November 1, 2021, the Variable Investment Options table in the YOUR INVESTMENT OPTIONS section is amended to include the following:




All Portfolios offered are Class I.

Intermediate Bond Portfolio

Seeks to maximize total return.

J.P. Morgan Investment Management Inc.

ESG Diversified Growth Portfolio

Seeks long-term growth of capital and low to moderate income, while giving consideration to certain environmental, social and governance ("ESG") criteria.

Pacific Life Fund Advisors LLC

International Growth Portfolio

Seeks long-term growth of capital.

ClearBridge Investments, LLC

Pacific Select Fund Portfolio Investment Adviser/Manager Changes

Effective on or about November 1, 2021, the Investment Adviser/Manager for the International Small-Cap Portfolio will change from Franklin Advisers, Inc. to FIAM, LLC.

Form No. VASUP1021