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Kudos Across America – Atlanta

Kudos Across America - Atlanta

Monday, September 27, 2021

Dear TSA at the Atlanta International Airport,

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport TSA Officer Yvonne Lennon Webb (Photo by Zubaidah Guy

I wanted to send a compliment to the supervisors at TSA about Officer Yvonne Lennon Webb. I had tried to back in 2015, but my letter was returned both by regular mail and by email.

Officer Webb helped me after I returned from France. I was mentally and physically exhausted and carrying a heavy carry-on after a 10-day European tour. I was trying to get to the gate for a connecting flight to Cleveland and I broke down crying.

Officer Webb was behind me and she took pity on me. She said she was on her break. I was using a wheelchair to wheel my stuff. She said I would have had a two-mile walk as she loaded me onto the wheelchair I was using and took me back to the train, then to the gate where the plane was to leave.

The plane [flight] had closed, so she then wheeled me to customer service to get a new flight and advocated for me there. Then she wheeled me to the elevators, then on to the train to get to the A gate and then wheeled me to the gate and told them of my situation.

Without her help I don't know how I would have made it. I felt so bad that someone would have to help me so much. She was like an angel helping me at my time of need. She tried to help me think positive at all times. She is a very personable person and was willing to help me find my flight when I literally felt like I was falling apart and couldn't go another step.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport TSA Officer Yvonne Lennon Webb visually inspects bag. (Photo by Zubaidah Guy)

I hope that her supervisors can be notified that Officer Yvonne Lennon Webb was wonderful to me.

Kay Rasmussen