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07/23/2021 | Press release | Distributed by Public on 07/23/2021 03:39

The 360° Turnover Spreader Developed by ZPMC Went off Production Line Successfully

Recently, the 360° turnover spreader developed and manufactured by ZMPC was successfully completed with all functional tests and went off production line officially.

With the structure transformation of bulk cargo transportation, combination of railway transport and water transport has been playing an important role. Therefore, the demand for container bulk cargo is growing rapidly. In order to adapt to the development of the industry and meet the needs of lifting tools from users at wharf for bulk cargo lifting, ZPMC developed new products such as special lifting appliances for bulk cargo and 360° turnover spreader, which will become the Big Tool for bulk cargo lifting.

ZPMC carried out targeted R&D after fully understanding the actual needs of users and confirming the working conditions. The spreader developed this time is not only suitable for ISO standard containers, but also suitable for domestic railway containers. It can meet the requirements of containers shifting operation for the containers with a height of 1.8-2.9m. It has a wide range of interface connecting with the host. Through modular design, the interface dimensions of different specifications can be met without mechanical modification of the host, so as to reduce the user's use cost. The spreader possesses the features of fast rotation speed and high operation efficiency.