Council of Europe

07/23/2021 | Press release | Archived content

Website on gender equality and combating violence against women launched in Tunisia

A website on gender equality and combating violence against women has been launched with an online event in the presence of the TunisianMinister for Women, Families and the Elderly and the Head of the Council of Europe Office in Tunisia.

The 'Toutes et tous Uni.e.s' website, developed by the Tunisian Ministry for Women, Families and the Elderly with the support of the Council of Europe, provides a wealth of information explaining the notions of gender, gender equality, gender-based discrimination, violence against women and the various forms it takes, backed up by statistics.

The site also acts as a central focal point for applications, portals and support material devised at national level on gender equality, combating gender-based violence and protecting women and children from violence, for use by those working to prevent violence against women and raise awareness of these issues.

The launch event held on 16 July 2021 gave the institutional and non-governmental participants a chance to familiarise themselves with the site's content and presented good practices for awareness-raising in Europe as well as the applications and portals featured on the site.

Raising awareness of violence against women, with input from a broad spectrum of players to build awareness and understanding of the phenomenon, is a key strategy of the Istanbul Convention to which Tunisia was invited to accede by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe in April 2020.

Website: 'Toutes et tous uni.e.s contre les violences'